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Meet Dr. Miriam Ortiz

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Dr. Miriam Ortiz earned her Ph.D. in Education and Human Development from Southern Methodist University in 2017 with a focus on Special Education and Response to Intervention. Prior to completing her Ph.D. she worked in Tallahassee, Florida as a K-12 teacher for students with behavior and emotional disabilities. She has worked closely with researchers across the country to improve the reading skills and academic achievement of struggling students and students with disabilities. She has taught courses and delivered professional development on the topics of Early Literacy, Behavior Management and Intervention, Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Special Education.  


Dr. Ortiz is passionate about improving academic outcomes for children with or at-risk for disabilities, teacher training and professional development, as well as assisting struggling readers of all ages. She has been co-author on several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on the topic of reading instruction for students with varying disabilities. 

Download Dr. Ortiz's  CV


  • Over 15 years of teaching experience​

    • K12 Teaching

      • Math

      • Reading

      • Science

      • Special Education​

    • University Level Teaching

      • Early Literacy Scholars Program​

      • Special Education Program

      • Assessment

      • Program Evaluation


  • Author & Co-author on several peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

  • Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University

  • MS & BS in Special Education from Florida State University

  • Managed multiple research projects

  • Executive Director for a National Non-Profit

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