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Meet Dr. Miriam Ortiz

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miriam Ortiz and I'm passionate about bridging the gap between research and practice. I've known I wanted to teach since I was in elementary school when the kids in the neighborhood would come over to play school. I was the10 year old who asked for a chalk board for my birthday. As I progressed through my educational journey, I had many friends who never made it out of middle or high school and I knew, if they only had a teacher who could inspire them, their lives would be different.  I wanted to be that teacher. 


In 2010 I graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Exceptional Student Education and became the first in my family to graduate from college. Upon graduating I taught in Leon County Schools for several years. As a K12 teacher I worked specifically with students who had emotional and behavioral disabilities. Wanting to expand my impact I moved to Dallas, TX to work on my Ph.D. with Dr. Stephanie Al Oatiba at Southern Methodist University.  


In 2017 I earned my Ph.D. with a focus on Special Education. Since then I have worked closely with educators and researchers across the country to improve academic achievement of struggling students and students with disabilities. I have taught courses and delivered professional development on the topics of the Science of Reading, Behavior Management and Intervention, Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Special Education. I have also been been co-author on several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on the topic of reading instruction for students with varying disabilities and assisted with the development and revision of several curriculums.   


I started Beyond the Research because I saw the need for bringing into our learning spaces what we have learned through high-quality research. I am devoted to improving academic & social outcomes for children and I am eager to help you and your team do just that. 

Outside of work, I love visiting the Orlando area theme parks with my family, singing, and volunteering at our church. 

Download Dr. Ortiz's  CV


  • Over 15 years of teaching experience​

    • K12 Teaching

      • Math

      • Reading

      • Science

      • Special Education​

    • University Level Teaching

      • Early Literacy Scholars Program​

      • Special Education Program

      • Assessment

      • Program Evaluation


  • Author & Co-author on several peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

  • Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University

  • MS & BS in Special Education from Florida State University

  • Managed multiple research projects

  • Executive Director for a National Non-Profit

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